Dear Alaskans,

Alaska is at a crossroads, and this next election will impact our state’s future for generations to come. We cannot continue to embrace short­sighted, extreme politics that have led us to record budget deficits, shortchanged our public education system into a state of crisis, threatened the solvency of the Permanent Fund, and turned a deaf ear to the needs of every­day Alaskans.

I believe it’s time for new leadership in Alaska ­ common­sense leadership that is committed to protecting the promise of Alaska, not squandering our future with extreme policies. That’s why I am running for Governor. Protecting the promise of Alaska means preparing every Alaskan for the jobs of tomorrow, not laying off teachers and using your public tax dollars to fund private schools.

Our current Governor has failed our children and our schools, and his extreme approach to education is squandering opportunities for future generations here in Alaska. I believe that every child here in the Last Frontier deserves the promise of a great education, from the best beginnings all the way through our universities and technical colleges. Protecting the promise of Alaska means repealing SB21 and replacing it with a smarter, more balanced approach to oil revenue ­ one that responsibly promotes exploration, development, and job creation. But to find the right balance for the future, Alaska deserves a Governor willing to work with the oil industry instead of a Governor who works for the oil industry. By replacing the current extreme approach to oil taxes, I know that we will protect the Permanent Fund and ensure that the dividend we count on continues and is strengthened into the future. Protecting the promise of Alaska is about making sure all Alaskans have access to affordable, quality healthcare. Our Governor took the extreme approach of playing politics with people’s health, and denied healthcare to 41,000 Alaskans. Healthcare is a basic and fundamental right.

We cannot afford to let politics stand in the way of helping our neighbors and doing what’s right for all Alaskans. The promise of Alaska is in each and everyone of us. But I need your help to make sure that promise is never compromised.